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Covid-19 Protective gear. Stay home, Stay safe.


Bulk supplies

We supply in bulk. Need more than the average? 


Quality Covid-19 protective gear.

We wish to offer you quality protective gear. Stay safe. Our products range from Dust masks and gloves to hand sanitizers and bulk hand sanitizers, Temperature reading devices that never make contact and more.


About Us

Emirox is a medical protective gear supplier. We want to help you stay safe. By supplying you all the protective gear you will need to have peace of mind. Keep yourself and loved ones safe, and stop the spread of Covid-19


What we want to accomplish

  • We plan on becoming a household supplier of all your protective gear.
  • To stop this virus, by supplying you the chance to be safe anywhere anytime. That’s why we offer a range of products aimed at just that. Keeping you safe under any circumstances. 
Every Life Count
Every Life Count

Why Choose Us

We offer good products to protect you and your loved ones. With reasonable and good pricing. We are here to help you.